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Otakáro Maria Schmidt and Jana Kristina Studničková have won many awards. Among the most important is the nomination for the European Per Artem ad Deum Award (the first Czechs) for the film Jesu Prague, right behind the legendary Ennio Morricone.


The films are distributed to Spanish-speaking countries by Madrid-based Goya Producciones.

Otakáro M. Schmidt made his first feature film in 1999. It is the now cult Eliska likes the wilderness - the film won the Czech Lion and received three more nominations. Together they made the interesting TV film Herbert in the Ring in 2009.

In 2018, the feature-length distribution film Alice in Wonderland premiered.

The writing and directing duo - Schmidt/Studničková won the Kramer Award (journalism award of the Independent Media Association) for television journalism.


Czech Television's Otakáro Schmidt/Jana Studničková films have been released worldwide by the Spanish film company Goya Producciones (Serie Historia).


Alice in Wonderland was nominated for the 2019 award:

The prestigious professional award of the Association of Czech Cinematographers for the best cinematographic work of 2018.

The film has been translated into Spanish, English, Italian and Russian.


Czech Television:

The film was successfully broadcast on Czech Television in the festive season for Christmas 2019.

Madrid - Goya Producciones:

GOYA PRODUCCIONES, a Spanish film company from Madrid, has expressed interest in the film and is distributing our films not only to Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world, but also to North America and, one could say, all over the world.


USA-Chicago, Ecuador, Peru-Lima:

The filmmakers were invited to Chicago, USA to present their films.

The film Alice in Wonderland was screened in Ecuador for promotional and non-commercial purposes as part of the Czech Republic Presentation Week and in October 2018 our Czech Embassy took the film to the EU Festival in Peru (Lima) where it was a great success.


Italy - Milan:

On May 11, 2019 in Milan, Italy, the Society of Compatriots and Friends of the Czech Republic - Milan presented,

at the Embassy for the Czech-Italian community



Alice in Wonderland was selected for the final of its category at the 15th CEVMA International Film Festival in Germany (Burbach). The festival has been organised since 1990 by the Christian European Visual Media Association (CEVMA), whose members are Christians professionally active in the fields of film, television, graphic sciences and new media.

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